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Our trays stack up to the best
CompX ErgonomX offers a complete line of high performance trays and mousing surfaces to meet all requirements and price points. We manufacture them in a variety of widths and materials including plastic, MDF, phenolic and steel.

Our line of arms and trays are designed to be compatible - it's possible to mount most of our trays to any of our arms. This gives you the greatest flexibility in meeting user requirements, aesthetic considerations and above all, your budget.

Select a tray from the menu at left to learn more about our models.

Our keyboarding and data entry systems allow you to mix and match. An excellent combination is our Maestro arm together with our Harmony tray.
Learn more about Maestro here >>
Learn more about Harmony here >>

Duet is the perfect choice for corner cut-outs, heavy duty use and those who alternate between sitting and standing.
Learn more about Duet here >>

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