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Ergonomic specialty products - support tracks, mouse palm pads, document holders

Support Tracks
Document Holders
Mobile Workstation Cart
Projector Mount
Foot Rest
Laptop Support
CompX Tablet iPad Holder
Monitor Lift

Specialty Products
In addition to our keyboard arms, flat panel mounts and CPU holders, CompX ErgonomX is pleased to offer a line of highly engineered, quality specialty products. This product offering includes:

  1. Support tracks (base frames)
  2. Mouse palm rests
  3. Document holder (based on our Concerto system)
  4. Mobile work station cart
  5. Notebook support system (based on our Concerto system)
  6. Projector mount
  7. Tablet iPad holders
  8. Monitor Lift
These products have been designed as a result of our customers' needs and feedback. We strive to provide a one-stop shop for ergonomic applications. CompX ErgonomX's commitment is simple: achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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