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We are dedicated to the protection of our environment. CompX takes into account every aspect of the potential environmental impact our products and manufacturing processes may have on Land, Water and Air.

Environmental Program Success
Over the past four years, CompX has increased its commitment to the design and development of eco-friendly production techniques to include the following initiatives:

  • Reduced waste sent to landfill by 73% (55,000 kg reduction).
  • Reduced the garbage sent to landfill by 45% (1,300,000 kg reduction).
  • Recycle 12 different categories of waste (compared to only 6 categories four years ago).
  • Operating an extensive plating waste water treatment process which has proven reliable in successfully discharging process runoff well within all regulated requirements.
  • Implemented a composting program targeting a further 37% reduction of waste sent to landfill.
  • Reusing spent electroplating cleaners for adjustments in the wastewater treatment system.
  • Use of bioremediation chemistry for paint stripping application, and parts cleaning during our painting and plating processes.
  • Conducting a third party water usage and conservation study jointly with the Regional Government targeting at least a 20% reduction.
  • Conduct annual NPRI (National Pollution Reporting Indices) and develop actions to continually reduce our contribution.
  • Cross functional team approach targeting reductions in natural gas usage during winter months obtaining first year over year savings of 40%.
  • Team approach in place on electrical power consumption resulting in 20% savings.

Download CompX Environmental Sustainability Brochure in PDF format to learn more about our environmental program.


Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability Download Environmental Sustainability Brochure in PDF format
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